A Legacy Built on ‘Better than Average’ Attitude
As one of Dayton’s premier metalworking companies, Mantych Metalworking, Inc. provides its long-standing customers precision machining and sheet metal fabrication for small to medium-sized metal or plastic parts.

Established in 1971 as Mantych Machine Company, Mike Mantych grew his organization in size and capacity over the years, incorporating in 1976, and changing the name to Mantych Metalworking Incorporated in 1992 to account for the sheet metal portion of the business.

Mike built his business on high quality both within the equipment and tools he used and, more importantly, the people he employed. His philosophy was “Average is the worst of the best” and hired exceptional talent to produce the kind of quality he knew his clients required.

It is these principles that has made Mantych Metalworking the successful operation it is today -- with two facilities, one in Dayton and one in Xenia, Ohio with over 40,000 square feet of combined manufacturing space.
Today, Colleen Mantych succeeds her father in leading the company’s fast-pace growth! We use state-of-the-art machining and can produce any component to our customer’s exacting specifications. With computer-based design and modeling, we’re equipped to readily transfer the computerized milling, cutting, lathing, punching and bending specifications to the final product.

While our technology and capability has changed with the times, our commitment to delivering our customers high-quality work and on-time deliveries remains a cornerstone of our business model.

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